Nancy Drew Gamer Blanket

Have you seen the new addition to our Teespring merchandise store?

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure game merchandise teespring

It’s a Nancy Drew Games blanket! Check it out here! It features the first 32 Nancy Drew games’ box art.

-Little Jackalope

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3 responses to “Nancy Drew Gamer Blanket”

  1. I saw it! I really want it! All the games I love them all! I already put it on my X-mas and birthday list for 2019 & 2020!

  2. Um is it possible that MID will be released in May? I assume so because your showing a lot more characters like Jason Danforth and such! I’m going to be in a show in May called Honk! and getting Midnight In Salem would be a perfect reward for myself in all my hard work!

  3. By the way I believe we have forgotten to decide who the man of the year calendar is for Crystal Skull, I think it’s Gilbert Buford!

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