Blankets and Pillows and Sweaters, Oh My!

I’m excited that several fans have already purchased some of the merchandise from our Teespring store! Check out Rachel’s blanket, which you buy for yourself here.

Also, don’t forget, you can get pillows, too, like this one here.

And look at how cozy the Waverly Academy sweater looks on Sophia! (You can buy one of these, here, too.)

We have a birthday to celebrate!

-Little Jackalope

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4 responses to “Blankets and Pillows and Sweaters, Oh My!”

  1. budford says:

    I don’t need a birthday shout out but I turned 33 today =)

  2. Every time I play Warnings at Waverly Academy, it always makes me want to go to that school, wearing a uniform and all that jazz!

  3. Happy Birthday hpfan0324! from your fellow sleuth fan- ND_runner18!

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