Meeting Fans at the Special Olympics

This last weekend, a few team members went to the Special Olympics to greet one very big Nancy Drew fan! Jillian (shown center in the first picture) earned a few medals at her events, and we were thrilled to meet such an enthusiastic fan. Jillian came all the way from Delaware to participate, her family is also shown below.

Go Jillian!!

-Little Jackalope

8 responses to “Meeting Fans at the Special Olympics”

  1. Yurithecat says:

    That’s really cool. Thanks for sharing; great blog post!

  2. Michelle W. says:

    Awesome! My brother competed in the Special Olympics about eleven years ago at Cal State Long Beach. Won a few gold medals in Track and Field. Thank you for your support to these amazing and very special all-stars.

  3. budford says:

    I competed at the special Olympics a long time ago 5 events first place second place first place second place first place ribbons =)

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Oh wow! Congrats!

      • Hi Little Jackolope, sorry I missed you at there, but I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Jared, Tess and Penny! I love playing my Nancy Drew computer games whenever I’m not competing in Special Olympics,haha

        • Little Jackalope says:

          Hello Jillian! I’m sorry I missed you too, but I had a big family event to be at that weekend. 🙁 Glad you got to meet the others on the team! Thanks for being such a great fan!

  4. Thanks for the shout out Little Jackolope wished you were there but I thouroughly enjoyed meeting Penny, Jared and Tess!

  5. Oh! That’s alrigiht family does come first!!
    It’s funny because actually whether I’m running to practice for track or competing in track, I say in my mind “Go Drew!!, “Go Drew!!! to help me stay motivated with my running, I was Nancy Drew for Halloween when I was 13! And I am so proud of being a HUGE fan of her!

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