Fan Tattoo and Upcoming Anniversary Party

Check out Stephanie’s new tattoo! I think the artist did an accurate depiction of the silhouette! Love it.

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan Tattoo

Head’s up! This Thursday and Friday we are starting our Anniversary Twitch party celebrating Nancy Drew’s 88th anniversary of when the original books were released. We’ll be playing Secret of the Old Clock and giving away these mugs (shown below). Follow us here on Twitch for free!

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Twitch Party

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Prizes

*Also – we may be running 30 minutes late on the Thursday stream, just so you are aware!

-Little Jackalope

4 responses to “Fan Tattoo and Upcoming Anniversary Party”

  1. budford says:

    Looking forward to it =)

  2. Austin L says:

    Yes it begins tomorrow! So excited for yet another Twitch party. Can’t wait to join in on the fun. See y’all then!

  3. Himeko says:

    Have you heard about the Nancy Drew Hidden Staircase movie they are making?! Sophia Lillis from It, is playing Nancy!!!!!

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