Happy Valentine’s Day 2018!

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! Share the love with a friend, family or your sweetheart by giving them the most romantic mystery adventure! You can get or gift Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch on sale for half off, today only! Shop here.

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Valentine

Also, today’s the last day to enter the contest! Learn more details here.

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Valentine's Day Card Contest


I just now received a birthday gift illustration from Twitch fan Dragonkid! I was so excited, that I had to update the blog post today to share it. <3 Have a happy Valentine’s day everyone, and be sure to share those treats with your close friends and family (and other people, lol)!

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan Art

-Little Jackalope

8 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day 2018!”

  1. Amy Christine says:

    I remember when Dahila, 2014 HeR summer intern made a vine video of her “calling” Ned to say we’re over and then replying to Dave, “Not anymore!” =D

    Oh, and happy birthday and happy Valentine’s Day, Little Jackalope!

  2. Lia says:

    I don’t have the Haunted Carousel loaded onto my computer right now, but I was wondering what the names of the carousel horses are. All I remember are Foxglove and Glory, can someone tell me the rest?

  3. Katherine Hotchkiss says:

    When will we find out who the winners are?

  4. budford says:

    So fun! I’m going to try again next year =)

  5. budford says:

    @Katherine Hotchkiss the winners are already posted. =)

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