Day One Twitch: Ghost of Thornton Hall

Tonight we begin our Halloween party LIVE on Twitch! We are playing Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall tonight, Friday, Monday and Tuesday. There will be four prizes, and two of them are autographed by celebritie(s)… so come by to learn more! (Please note: you have to have a Twitch account and be logged in to participate and have a chance at winning prizes.) Twitch is free to sign up. Follow our channel here to get the alerts when we go live!

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Twitch Halloween Party

We have made several minor tweaks to our Twitch party tonight. Here are the changes:

  1. Dark mode. Our channel is dark-colored for the Halloween theme.
  2. Name tags – Tess and I will have our names below our camera feeds, so new people will know who we are.
  3. Resolution downscale – if you ever had trouble watching the live party because of internet issues, we have lightened up the load by downscaling our resolution just by a little. Hopefully this will help you viewers!
  4. Follow/Host alerts! There is a chance this may not work, but we’ve added animated gifs to pop up on screen whenever we get a new follower during our live stream. Also, if you choose to “host” our channel on your own while we are live, you get a shout out animated gif. 😉
  5. Chat Commands – anytime in chat, you can type !prize to learn about today’s prizes, !youtube to see the web link for our past Twitch parties, and !info to get the link directly to the game’s web page.

Spread the word! I hope to see you there!

-Little Jackalope


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