Wednesday Wisdom that Nancy Ignores

Yet another bit of advice that Nancy ignores, haha.

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is from Danger by Design.

-Little Jackalope

8 responses to “Wednesday Wisdom that Nancy Ignores”

  1. Emerald says:

    Hi LJ,

    You forgot the answer to the puzzle again.

  2. Susan Dugger says:

    i believe when it is time for preorders we will see screenshots of MID, and everybody needs to chill.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What was the answer to weekend puzzle #355?

  4. Sophia K. R. A. says:

    I love Dieter!!

    Also, you forgot to post the answer the to the puzzle!

  5. Blackrose1984 says:

    I’m replaying this game today.

  6. Courtney says:

    Hi LJ can I have a birthday shoutout on Monday Oct. 2? I will be turning 23 and my favorite game is Treasure in the Royal Tower 🙂 Thanks!

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