Mmmm Pie!

Today is another crazy holiday… and this one just makes me want to eat.

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Pie

What type of pie is your favorite? I especially love a homemade wild blackberry pie!

In case you want to be prepared ahead of time, Friday is National Chocolate Chip Cookie day. Don’t forget to bring a batch to school, work, or share with your friends!

-Little Jackalope

4 responses to “Mmmm Pie!”

  1. Happypuppyharley says:

    Awww. I have to share the cookies?

  2. Sophia K. R. A. says:

    Pumpkin pie with whipped cream! OR cookies & cream ice cream pie.

  3. Julie Cuevas says:

    Is there any news available for midnight in Salem possible release date.

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