Twitch in the Summer

I’ve had a busy day but needed to stop by to mention the next Twitch party!

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Twitch

…And to celebrate some fan birthdays. 😉

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan Birthday Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Fan Birthday

-Little Jackalope

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16 responses to “Twitch in the Summer”

  1. Malik Jallow says:

    Can’t wait, I’ve only seen bits & pieces of this game, so I’m excited! <3 Plus this will be my first stream!

  2. Claire says:

    Who was the voice actor that did the creepy voice at the start of Curse of Blackmoor Manor? I have a feeling it was Lani Minella?

  3. Sophia K. R. A. says:

    This is the first game I played that made me love the series!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have a quick question. I love to listen to the Nancy Drew soundtracks all the time, and I have been thinking about buying Music for Mysteries 5. However, they songs are not using the same names I am used to. I could figure out some, like how the song “Storm of Gossip” from WAC would include the songs Storm and Gossip. But my all time favorite ND song is Girls from the Captive Curse, and I can’t tell if that song is included. So my question is, does the Music for Mysteries include all the songs from the games, or only a select few? Could you clear that up for me? Thanks!

    (Oh, and do you think you could make a Music for Mysteries 6 with the games from TMB-MED? I’d buy that too, mostly for the song Puzzle from MED and Expectations from SPY, haha)

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello Anonymous, all the songs used in the games were included in the game soundtracks, even if they were named differently. 🙂 All the songs you mentioned are indeed in their corresponding soundtracks.

  5. nicole says:

    could i have a shout out on July 31st for my sister, Katie’s birthday?

  6. Terez says:

    Hey I was wondering could I have 2 birthday shout-out’s please? The first one is for me ( I’ll be turning 13 on August 6th) and the other one is for my older brother ( my sleuthing buddy lol )He will be turning 15 on August 9th. His name is samuel and our favorite nancy drew game is The ghost of thornton hall. Thank you so much 😀

  7. Susan Dugger says:

    i have a question , i listen to someone to only play scopa once when you hear about thee chinese box, i did and it mix up my game, now someone gave me answers for a perfect mosaic award which i did now i can’t back up, and had to get a outside save, do the mods go on the boards, i am sick of having to replay this game, i am playing 1-32 while i wait for the game.

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello Susan! I’m a little puzzled – are you experiencing a glitch in your game? Or are you stuck in the gameplay? Might I recommend watching a walkthrough video on YouTube to help figure out what you need to do next?

  8. Susan Dugger says:

    no, i cannot back up after i finish the mosaic, it freezes at the mosaic picture,all i get is good you finish and the the picture stops at that.

  9. Susan Dugger says:

    i already did.

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