Chasing Sheep, it’s a Travel Goal

Today’s Travel spotlight is what we are about to do in Ireland: chase sheep. Those skittish, fast, silly sheep. If you don’t have Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy in your collection of mysteries, you can get the digital download on sale for 50% off using promo code TWITCH19 at checkout. Why that promo code? It’s in honor of our ongoing Twitch party, which starts again on Thursday!

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Out of curiosity, have any of you needed to chase down sheep, herd sheep, shear sheep, etc in your youth or adult life? What’s it really like, I wonder?

-Little Jackalope



10 responses to “Chasing Sheep, it’s a Travel Goal”

  1. Rachel Garbarino says:

    On our farm, we used to have goats and chickens, so I’ve had to herd the chickens in at night. As for the goats, we just shook their food in a Folgers coffee can to get them in.

  2. Teresa says:

    Lj, which twich episode your husband was in with you? im looking for it

  3. Sarah Clark says:

    Sheep are not as great as they may seem!! In January, I was feeding some sheep and got totally mobbed by 3 of them. I fractured my leg and sprained my ACL. I still haven’t fully recovered. I kinda hate all sheep now – I’m never going near them again!

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Oh dear! I’m so sorry that happened! Hope you have healed well, or are still healing well. 🙁

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