Shooting Locations: Forest Trails

There’s a nearby park with trails through forest trees and shrubs, and I like to frequently go walking on my lunch breaks through there. The paths are easy and it reminds me of Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, except there is no cemetery nearby. There is, however, a really cool suspension bridge! We’ve thought of different kinds of videos we could make in there, and came up with one Tess and I started to film What do you suppose the story could be around these trails?


-Little Jackalope

18 responses to “Shooting Locations: Forest Trails”

  1. Tracy says:

    The suspension bridge reminds me of Creature at Kapu Cave.

  2. Opal says:

    Ooh, I know what the story could be!

    The Mystery of the Missing MID Spoilers. Ooooooh! Spooky!

    But seriously though, when the time comes to release information and dates about MID, perhaps you could put those clues about MID in a video, and those who are sharp-eyed enough to see them will know stuff earlier than those who weren’t able to deduce the meaning of the the clues! That’d be fun, like a treasure hunt!

  3. Mina T says:

    Hi LJ!

    I was wondering if Frank and Joe Hardy are going to be in MID because their dialogue in LIE which hints that they will be. Are they?
    Thank you!

  4. Nancy says:

    Can I get a Birthday shout-out for Victoria on Oct 30? She’s going to be 6.
    Her favorite game is SAW, but she really wants MID for her birthday.

    PS: I know she’s below the age range to play those games, but she solved SAW before I did.

    • Little Jackalope says:

      You bet! She sounds like an intriguing super sleuth!

      • Nancy says:

        Intriguing? Yes. LOL

        She JUST told me you need a game with vampire monsters. Says it would be called “Nancy Drew: The Beasts of Blood.” Don’t ask me where she gets her wild ideas.

  5. Allison Lewis says:

    I think the story could be something like the woods are haunted by a girl who was curious and got lost. With no food and not a lot of water, she died. Maybe something like that.

  6. Isaac Tamez says:

    Hey LJ do you guys have a release date for MID? Or have you guys made a trailer yet?

  7. Kit says:

    The Captive Curse pt 2: In which we delve even deeper into the history of Castle Finster: the ruins of a town in the forest, moar monster, and a spooky rope bridge!

  8. Czayf says:

    What day in November will the podcast be released?

  9. Jackson says:

    Hi LJ! Will Steven and Jason Danforth be characters in MID? Or just talked about? You released 5 women character bios, are there more? Thank you!

  10. Ben says:

    What is that park called? I live near Seattle and would love to visit!

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