Vote for Drew!

Every time campaign season comes in the states, I often want to quote Holt Scotto from Danger on Deception Island. “Vote for Holt! Spread the word!” Of course, he’s only running for Harbormaster, not president.

If Nancy Drew were to run for president, what do you suppose her campaign slogan would be?


-Little Jackalope

9 responses to “Vote for Drew!”

  1. Carissa C says:

    I think Nancy’s campaign slogan would be something along the lines of “Vote for Drew. If I can solve mysteries, I can run the country.”

  2. Vote for Nancy Drew! A girl who is not afraid of a mouse.

  3. terez says:

    vote for the sleuth! she knows the truth!

  4. Hannah says:

    Hmmm. “Let’s go unlock doors!”

  5. EJ says:

    The clue is Drew!

  6. EJ says:

    Is anyone planning to go to the 2016 Nancy Drew Slueths Convention? Unfortunately I’m not, but I am trying to finish SKULL for the first time before it is over.

  7. SonnyJoonFan says:

    “Get a clue–vote for Drew!”

  8. Kit says:

    Nancy 2016- I’m not an idiot.

  9. Tabitha says:

    “Dare to vote!”
    Just my guess, anyway. I’d totally vote for her, though.

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