Computer Science Week!

We shared this meme from The Haunting of Castle Malloy over the weekend:


If Nancy added titles and skills from all her past cases to a resume, it would look crazy! Nancy has been so many things! Fashion designer, the bomb squad, ghost hunter, mechanic, plumber, archaeologist, spy, forensic scientist, programmer, electrician, cowgirl, mail deliverer, chef, maid, student, TV set extra, and of course, rocket scientist… just to name a few!

On a side note: it’s Computer Science Education Week! We are celebrating with a sale on The Deadly Device:



Our shirts say “Code like a girl.”

As for the weekend puzzle, each image represented a letter of the alphabet. and it looks like I’ve made it too hard, so I went ahead and added the appropriate spaces. Clues:

Flag=M, Bird=U, Rock=O


-Little Jackalope

3 responses to “Computer Science Week!”

  1. NDsolver says:

    Like the shirts! And the magnify glass too!

  2. Alyssa says:

    I was wondering if you guys will be doing a holiday sale for the merchandise store?

    Love the shirts!!

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