New Intern: Ellie! (And Weekend Puzzle #278)

We shared one our favorite lines today from The Silent Spy… it’s too funny. XD


Guess what? We have a new summer intern: Ellie! She will be sharing videos with you each Friday this summer!

We have another birthday to celebrate this weekend!


And here’s your weekend puzzle. Enjoy! Solve this code:



  • Moon is second
  • Black is not first
  • Diamond is not red
  • Moon is somewhere between blue and star
  • Diamond is somewhere after heart
  • Square is neither in 3rd or 4th place
  • Third place is pink
  • Black is immediately after diamond
  • Red is immediately before star
  • Heart is not purple
  • Heart is immediately before Moon

-Little Jackalope

7 responses to “New Intern: Ellie! (And Weekend Puzzle #278)”

  1. Ercilia Guajardo says:

    Is the answer to the the puzzle this? 1. Blue heart 2. Red moon 3. Pink star 4. Purple diamond 5. Black square

  2. Will L. says:

    Oh my gosh, so cool! I’m from Chicago too! 😀 Go Hawks! XD

  3. Ashley says:

    Blue heart, red moon, pink star, purple diamond, black square.

    These kinds of puzzles are my favourite! Also, welcome Ellie!! I can’t wait to see what she has in store 🙂

  4. Isis4ever says:

    Welcome Ellie! I look forward to seeing your videos this summer, 🙂

  5. Leah says:

    1) blue heart 2)red moon 3) pink star 4)purple diamond 5)black square?

  6. Nancy fan says:

    hmm…. the pachinko parlor in shadow at the water’s edge. that is by favorite nancy drew game.

  7. Lisa Martin says:

    1. Blue heart
    2. Red moon
    3. Pink star
    4. Purple diamond
    5. Black square

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