Blog Video! (And Weekend Puzzle #217)

I’ve been up to some mischief lately…making a silly video of sorts. For your entertainment:

Ah yes, remembering all those good times. The times when you first played a scary Nancy Drew game and experienced near-fake-heart-attacks, screaming, startling reactions, gasping, and flailing arms. Ah yes. I’ve personally played all of the games several times. So many times that I’ve gotten used to each scare element.

Although, the instances that are randomized still startle me from time to time. Which of these games below do you still need to play?

#3 – Message in a Haunted Mansion
#7 – Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
#11 – Curse of Blackmoor Manor
#17 – Legend of the Crystal Skull
#19 – The Haunting of Castle Malloy
#23 – Shadow at the Water’s Edge
#24 – The Captive Curse
#28 – Ghost of Thornton Hall 

Puzzle time! Let’s see if you can understand my ancient language here…
Need help? Travel to April 26th, the year of The Captive Curse.

We have a couple birthdays, too!


~Little Jackalope~

8 responses to “Blog Video! (And Weekend Puzzle #217)”

  1. I totally think GTH is a great game to play for Halloween. It has all the constant complete spooky effects, rather than SAW, you had some moments and even the music to be a little more upbeat and cheerful. I loved the little new amateur sleuth blog you created! And the new puzzle this week is runes from CUR and it sets back to a blog post back in April 2011, so the runes spell, “Nekst Fridae” meaning actually Next Friday. Is the official trailer for game #30 going to be finally released? 🙂

  2. Hannah says:

    I thought this would be fun… but I’m only halfway through your video so far and really creeped out! I think my heart is going to beat out of my chest! I didn’t realize how seeing all those frightening scenes compiled into one could bring back so many memories of FEAR!!! o_O Ahhh!!!

  3. Bad Wolf says:

    This is the BEST video you have made!!!!! Super scary!!!!

  4. Katia Aiziz says:

    Happy bday hunter and avery!

  5. I remember playing Curse of Blackmoor Manor when it first came out, and I was so scared, I even had a nightmare because of it, but then again.. I did play it at night time :s

  6. Anonymous says:

    LJ, how come we can’t see the scrapbook in SPY? 🙁

  7. Adam says:
    When Is nancy drew 34 coming out

    • Brighella says:

      Hi Adam! We can’t share any info on that right now, but check that you’re subscribed to our newsletter and you’ll be the first to know! -Brighella

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