Shoes and Lodges

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Today we returned to the office to hear lots of banging, drilling, stomping, and spraying noises above our heads because they are replacing our roof. Even though they are sure making a lot of noise (I kept waiting for someone to fall right through), this is a good things. The past few years in the winter and rainy seasons, the roof leaks near my desk. Grr. I’m looking forward to a non-dripping ceiling this upcoming school year.

One of our fans has already prepared well for this autumn. She sent in these pictures of her Nancy Drew-themed shoes, check it out!

Looks like a few of you were able to solve the weekend puzzle fast! Nice work! This is the solution:

Solve it using binary code (which you can research online or learn in The Deadly Device). The column furthest to the right is the 1s place, then to the left of that is the 2s, then 4s, then 8s, then 16s and so on. Each filled-in space with a magnifying glass mean you are to add those number values together. For example, check out the image above for an example. Once you have decoded each row, take the numbers and find the letter in the alphabet. The alphabet is backwards. so A = 26 and Z = 1.

Your final answer will be this [Glaucus Lodge] which is on the cover art of The Silent Spy. You can get a better look at the cover art if you had the poster from the merchandise store, since the image is blown up to the maximum. 🙂

~Little Jackalope~

5 responses to “Shoes and Lodges”

  1. Anonymous says:

    When is the official trailer for Spy coming??????

  2. Nadi says:

    I’m so planning to buy a Nancy Drew game when my family goes to America this October!

  3. ND's #1 fan says:

    WOW! Those are awesome shoes!!! 😀
    So cool! I did a wearable ND-themed craft not too long ago too! Since CAP is one of my favorite games (VEN is still my #1 favorite, but CAP is a close second), I made the necklace in the game! (and luckily, the monster hasn’t chased me yet lol) XD and now I wear it whenever I play CAP. (total ND nerd, right?) (^_^)
    LJ, so that’s NOT the Cathedral from weekend puzzle #206? if that’s not it, then what does Cathedral mean??? Tell us LJ, please! I’ll send you cookies AND lemon bars! (lol)

    • Nancydrewparodies says:

      ND&#39’s #1 fan,

      Maybe Cathedral means ‘Cathedral In The Clouds’? You know, that Sonny Joon thing that LJ mentioned in one of her earlier blog posts?


  4. ND's #1 fan says:

    @Nancydrewparodies- thanks for replying! 😀 and that’s a really good idea! never thought of it that way! maybe it’s even hinting to us meeting SJ in SPY! that would be so cool! 🙂

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