World UFO Day

Did you know that today is World UFO Day? Sonny Joon is likely somewhere at an event or something enjoying today as a holiday. As for us, we are having a Facebook special in honor of this.

Tomb of the Lost Queen mentions Sonny Joon and the convention of sorts he speaks at. His book can be found in this game, and if you have the BONUS EDITION from pre-ordering your copy, you can call S.P.I.E.D on your phone. TMB has plenty of alien references.

Secret of the Scarlet hand has the original Sonny Joon notebook in the lab, with his crazy Mayan temple theories and doodles of spaceships and aliens.

Both of these games are on sale, today only for 50%…but you must visit our Facebook page, find the image that shows this to find the secret promo code to use at checkout. Since World UFO Day only lasts 24 hours, so does this sale! Hurry to order your digital download soon! Order Tomb of the Lost Queen PC or Mac version, and Secret of the Scarlet Hand (PC only) today!

Sonny would be proud.

~Little Jackalope~

6 responses to “World UFO Day”

  1. Anonymous says:

    hi, LJ!
    my sister’s Birthday on the 14th of this month, could you do a shoutout for her? her name is Stephie, and she’s turning 11. Thanks!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Lj,
    do you think you could do a late Birthday shoutout? My Birthday was the 20th of June, but please don’t say anything about it being late. I turned 13, my name is Nicole and if you could, could you do somthing with blue? if you can’t, that’s fine too.
    Thanks for doing this Little Jackalope!

  3. ND's #1 fan says:

    Hey LJ, i know this is totally unrelated, but I just had to show you what I found online! Is this MHM or what????? 🙂
    it looks exactly like the house on the front of MHM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry I just had to show you 😉

  4. Breanna(; says:

    Hey LJ I emailed my entry for the sonny joon contest. Did you guys get it?

  5. @Junebug620 — Sure!

    Happy Birthday Nicole!

    @ND’s #1 fan — *Gasp!* Wow, it sure does! So cool!

    @Breanna(; — Sure did! Check your email, we are asking permission to post it to Facebook. 😉

  6. ND's #1 fan says:

    @LJ- Thanks I thought so too! MHM is such a cool game I just thought it was so cool to have something from in a game be real! 🙂

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