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Behind the Scenes of Halloween (Part 2)

As continuation to the last post, I shall share the spoiling of all the secrets and behind-the-scenes fun facts with you about the making of the Amateur Sleuth Blog: Halloween Snooping video on our YouTube channel… I should complete this list before moving on to new blog topics, like the secrets of The Deadly Device […]

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Happy Halloween 2012! (Beware! ND#28 Spoiler!)

We still have the scary games on sale for 50% off! Use promo code SPOOKY12 on these abbreviated titles: MHM, DOG, CUR, CRY, SAW. We also have a Twitter Trivia Contest going on, head over to answer the question for a chance to win a Curse of Blackmoor Manor strategy guide download! Aaaaahhhh! So excited!!! […]

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