Blowing Stuff Up

Ok, how many of us can admit that we often need those “Second Chances” during a mystery? The particular Second Chances I want to mention are those moments when our life is on the line…unless we simply avoid these dangerous circumstances, we we can’t since we are drawn to danger…and if Nancy doesn’t solve the puzzle correctly…KUHBLAM! Time for a Second Chance. >.<

Some examples include organizing the elements in the underground secret location of The Haunting of Castle Malloy. You know, the one where you maneuver the mechanical arm/grip and drop the elements into the appropriate places? Also, in Curse of Blackmoor Manor, where down in the tunnels you need to enter the correct alchemy recipe/combination…and you enter incorrectly? Kaboom. Enough said.

We have a newer “kaboom” moment in The Deadly Device, when you mix the wrong amount of chemicals together, the glass bottle explodes. (I don’t know about you, but I find this destructively fun!) We have a Nancy Drew Moment graphic for these moments and memories….

Yeah. Exactly. XD
~Little Jackalope~

7 responses to “Blowing Stuff Up”

  1. Just gotta say, I love the post title:)
    Confession…I never finished HAU. Because I seriously blew myself up 4 million times.
    *sigh* I really need to finish it.
    😀 yay for blowing stuff up! I like doing this! (in game only!)
    To answer your question on the last post, yes. I own the Dossiers too:) I wish SOS was made!!
    Also I saw that another fan wanted a game down here in the great south! 😀 except, make it in TN not GA:D

  2. Hannah says:

    Oh yeah, I’m sure we ALL know what you mean! 😉 But my brothers and I have never said ‘kahblam’ ah hem, we like to yell “Kablooey!” which is actually a word in the dictionary too you know. It means ‘destroyed or ruined in a abrupt way’ LOL

  3. Oh how could I forget!?
    I was playing SCK2 with my sister yesterday, and in Maxine’s, beside Barnacle Blast, is Aggregation! 😀

  4. The first time I ever touched the chemical puzzle in The Deadly Device, I just mixed, (just only mixed) 3mill. and 4mill. of water together. You have no idea how confused I was when just a bottle of water exploded..

  5. Jessie says:

    There’s a kaboom moment in Danger by Design. When you have the chemicals in the bathroom to get the photos.

    (That’s actually a really weird sentence if you think about it…)

  6. Sidney says:

    Dear LittleJ,
    I have to say if it were not for the second chances I would not finish any of the games but if at were so I would be really sad. Would you???

  7. Anonymous says:

    Nother one! in phantom of Venice,where you try to develop the pictures with the chemicals…

    From me,

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