A Normal Day…Screaming

It was just any normal day today, we are focusing on Kickstarter, working on ESRB, finalizing Beta for The Deadly Device when suddenly…we hear a man scream! And then again, a little different, and then again! Our ears have perked up and we notice the screams were coming from a room close by. It’s coming from the conference room!!

A few curious folks, myself included, sneaked closer to learn what is going on. It was one of our artists in a voice recording session with our writer, Nik! Since our artist, Josh, is playing the role of one of our characters, the production team needed some last minute screams to go into the game.

A moment later the two of them nonchalantly walked out, coffee cups and notebooks in hand, as if they were getting out of a serious meeting. Yep, those our our kind of meetings…love ’em!

~Our main conference room is the dark one seen here~

Later, they returned to the conference room for another screaming session, this time the screams were broken up by laughter here and there. It must have been pretty funny. XD

Oh, speaking of our writer, Nik received a gift of behold! Chico-sticks, as he had mentioned in his video interview at 6:29. Perhaps that was what Sonny was referring to as the “disgusting gift” mentioned in his post last week?

Head’s up! Tomorrow’s weekend puzzle will be a CONTEST!! Whoo-hoo!! Prepare your pencils and stay tuned to learn more!
~Little Jackalope~

9 responses to “A Normal Day…Screaming”

  1. Hmm interesting…. 🙂 sounds like a mysterious day in the office.

  2. Anonymous says:

    LOL! That would be hilariouse to hear. I’d would’ve been dying with laughter to watch them walk out as if nothing happened,and again when they went back for more. I love Chico-sticks! Sonny Joon probably doesn’t like them because it’s not a Koko Kringle.

    From me,

  3. DaringDara105 says:

    Is that a normal meeting O.o or is it a recording audio for The Deadly Device? Thanks! Awesome Post, as always 😉

  4. Anonymous says:

    I cannot believe I was chosen to be a beta tester! I cannot wait for my download to come! I’ll be playing all day for sure! Thank you HeR for making these amazing games. I don’t know what I would do without them! Someday I hope to work at HeR! I would love to help write the storylines you guys create!
    Your Bigget Fan,

  5. Contests make me pumped and excited! Whoo-hoo!!!! Live in Illinois, is that close enough to visit you? Just got ASH and just beat! It was raining how creepy and the culprit was unpredictable!!! Luv ya Guys!!!
    Your Crazy-for-seeing-Nd-characters-in-reality Krazyrabbit23 Fan! See ya.

  6. Teagpow says:

    That sonuds like fun!I wish I would work there!

  7. ComicalCrafty says:

    Lol, business as usual, I suppose. 🙂

    Congrats to the beta tester! I wish you could tell us how awesome (or rather how deadly)the Deadly Device is, but I know you testers are sworn to secrecy, right?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sydney, Have you gotten your promo code yet for the deadly device, I am a tester too and am wondering. Thanks!

  9. MJ says:

    Hey, how funny is that! It would have scared the death out of me, if I heard a someone scream out of NOWHERE! 😀

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