Easter Egg in Alibi in Ashes

So it has been discovered! Weekend puzzles #132, #133, #134, and #135 have all hinted at the mysterious third Easter Egg hidden in Alibi in Ashes. Here’s what the weekend puzzle answers/hints meant:

*WARNING: major spoilers in spoiler code below, proceed at your own risk!
Weekend Puzzle #132 answer: [A fun Easter Egg Pic in ASH] gave the first hint that a third egg indeed existed, and therefore was meant to drive you crazy. >.<

Weekend Puzzle #133 answer: [Culprit was stopped for suspicious cargo] hinted at police lingo, and led you to look for someone who [might’ve received a parking citation. No real game character was involved.]
Weekend Puzzle #134 answer: [Animal plus Action] gave you a more specific direction to [enter something into the TicketShark in the police station].

Weekend Puzzle #135 answer: Two words. No vowels. No spaces. No numbers.] was a a nudge in the direction of exact spelling.

With a little luck, and deductive reasoning you shall guess that the animal was a [bunny] and the action was [drive]. Follow the clues to enter [bnnydrv] into the [TickShark]. Voila! One fun *Easter Egg!

*Note: An Easter Egg is not always the physical egg, they are also fun little tricks, images, additions into a game that generally have no other purposes than for fun. We purposefully made two actual egg inventory items, and then the picture for fun. 😉

~Little Jackalope~

6 responses to “Easter Egg in Alibi in Ashes”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Does a PHYSICAL egg always have some key to something fun? Like…after getting the egg in CUR’s chattering teeth, you use the last telephone button to hear someone sing???

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow!that was hard.I don’t know how you guys come up with it all but,it just stumps me.How many people realy figure it out while playing the game do you think??

    From me,

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that was awesome! Really genius. but i can’t figure out what it does… is it only the fact that there’s a ticket or is their more? My favorite Easter egg is by far the majestico one in white wolf. That was really funny!

    From a new user, ND Magic ;P

  4. Anonymous says:

    oooh my favorite easter eggs were the ones in SAW (especially the baroque cat!) because when you hold an easter egg as you’re playing yumi’s avatar maker you get fun new dress up items!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I GOT THE EGG!!!

    From me,

  6. Anonymous:
    The Eggs are not always the key to something fun, like this last “egg” that wasn’t a physical egg wasn’t required to view the fun picture.


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