Snowed In 2012

So if you haven’t noticed the gap in posts this week, here’s the explanation for Monday’s absence: we had snow!! Yep, over here in Washington state, when it snows, it can be a terrible mess! Since there are a lot of hills, a little ice can mean a lot of danger if we aren’t careful. Therefore, we took a snow day.

Our Sales Director snapped a picture of her back deck this morning:

It totally feels like Warnings at Waverly Academy (which I played this last weekend, again). Although, the scene out our office windows switch from WAC’s different days. The snow turns on, then off. It melts, then snows again. It looks wet and empty one hour, then the next hour the world turns white. I find it so amazing how silent it is, yet can be so dangerous. If you don’t pay attention, the snow is like a culprit who sneaks up on you, or commits a crime right in front of your face without a single sound. It forces a detective to be on her guard at all times.

If you don’t hear from us tomorrow, you’ll know why: we we victimized by a silent white culprit.
Which snowy game is your favorite? WAC, TRT, ICE?

Looks like you super sleuths cracked the weekend puzzle! Answer is here: [Unscramble each word: Clue, undercover, listen, picture, resort, innocent, truth. Waverly, alibi, snoop. Secret, Tex, outside, professor, police, Emily, danger. Frank, open, Rentaro. Shorty, unlock, sapphire, poison, Isis, creature, investigate, observe, Uri, Sonny. Crime, arson, research, ghost, Ollie.] After you figured out all of the words, take a look at [the first letter of each word.] You will read [Culprit was stopped for suspicious cargo.] Any idea what this could mean? 😉

~Little Jackalope~

10 responses to “Snowed In 2012”

  1. Kira says:

    I live north of Seattle, and so far, the weather has been pretty crazy. I witnessed heavily falling snow this morning. To my horror, it began to melt midday when the sun peeked its way out. Who knows how much it’ll snow tomorrow!

  2. Rachyrache says:

    I like Waverly best.

  3. Turq says:

    I know, I love having the snow! It was a snowday for me today. Guess what? On normal school days, I pass the HERinteractive office buildings. I love living so close to where these great games are made.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I fit mean sth culprit in ASH and this is still about the easter egg,it’d be somewhere in or around the bag Nnacy picks up at the end of the game right?
    You got a alot more snow than we did here in Ohio but,that may not last for very long.You could send in a pic of all of you at the office playing in the snow!Fun!

    From me,

  5. ILUVNANCY!!!! says:

    My favorite snowy game was The White Wolf of Icicle creek. I really liked that game. I have not played Warnings at Waverly Academy yet, but I did play Treasure in the Royal Tower. My favorite part of ICE is when you get to befriend Isis and give her commands. The part I liked best in TRT was actually getting bonked on the head when I’m about to take the medallion in the locker. Laugh all you want, but I thought that was fun.

  6. hc says:

    TRT is my favorite snowy game 🙂

  7. Silvertongue:
    This is a completely different culprit about the Egg.

    Turq and Kira:
    Are you an Advisory Panelist? If not, have you considered it? If you live close by, check out this page:

  8. Anonymous says:

    My fave snowy game is TRT!!!!!!!! It was just awesome
    Your biggest fan,

  9. Future HeR Animator says:

    Wow! I wish we could get that much snow! 😀 😀 jealous, have fun in it 😉

  10. Melissa says:

    I live in Ontario, but oddly enough we haven’t got much snow the past few winters (well, not much compared to how bad it can get…) – so this winter has been the best! We’ve gotten about 4 snow days since the beginning of January!!! And the snow is hard packing snow – the ultimate for snow balls and snow forts! Hope you guys are having as much fun as I am!

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