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Hooray! It’s 2012! A brand new year to fill will more mystery, suspense, chocolate bars and anything mischievous that we can add to the list that would be awesome. We’ve been contemplating game designs lately. (Ok, so 100% of the time it is our Designer who, well, designs them) and the rest of us continually draw and gather inspiration from a number of sources, including each other. All in all, we non-stop create games. It’s what we do. And we love it.

Lately, in particular, I’ve been thinking about table games and how we play with each other. I rather like a little competition, so I play with family members or fellow HI workers. With the Nancy Drew games, I challenge myself instead (not looking at old notes so that I have to figure out puzzles all over again).

~Raid from The Captive Curse~

However we play play games, there is always a drive in us that brings us back to them. Is it the competition? The goal to accomplish something? The satisfaction of winning? The entertaining (and sometimes educational) play-through experience? With Nancy, I’m sure it’s a little bit of everything. What’s your motivation? 😉

Looks like a few super sleuths solved the weekend puzzle! Solution: [use the pigpen cipher to crack the code.] You should get [Shift three JLOBAXKDBOQLZLJB] which means to [shift the letters three spots over to the right in the alphabet] to get your message. The end result should say [More danger to come].

~Little Jackalope~

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the games just becausethey are fun.I love the letter shift game from Alibi in Ashes,the one in the ice cream shop.Have you considered putting that one with the mini games on Herinteractive??
    One of my fave games would have to be Scopa,from Venice,It’s alot of fun once ya get the hang of it. Happy 2012!

    From me,

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