Weekend Mystery Part 4 = “Library Search”

Happy Friday all! Today’s headliner is a reminder:

“Don’t forget…the December Holiday Sale ends on December 29th. The KoKo Kringles are going fast…so don’t be disappointed and order today. All physical games are 50% off and include a free strategy guide and KoKo Kringle bar.” — The Her Interactive Team

This is so true, if you want a Koko Kringle bar, you’ll need to hurry and place an order before I eat all-*ahem*, before we run out! 😉 Oh! And congrats to our testimonial winner, Katrina Q, will be soon be receiving her prize: a Koko Kringle bar soon. For a chance at next week’s prize (may or may not be another Koko candy bar…we’ll just wait and see), submit your testimonial to solved@herinteractive.com.

Weekend Mystery #4 below! Good luck!
~Little Jackalope~


Ned and George arrived shortly, and looked at the sticky note that Nancy held. “That looks like an easy one, may I have a try, Nance?” asked George. Nancy handed George a pencil who then quickly filled in all of the blanks with the letters on the back. “It says ‘Check out Evidence is Everything’ and the last part is underlined…what does that mean? Do we need to head to the police station?” Nancy looked carefully at it for a moment and replied “Nope, we are heading to the library to check out a book”.

The team journeyed to the local library and walked in. George began a search on the computer catalog and narrowed the results to find the book titled Evidence is Everything. “It’s just a few shelves down the non-fiction aisle” she said. The group crowded in between the tight row of bookshelves and focused their eyes on the titles and call numbers. “Here it is!” exclaimed Ned in a loud whisper. He pulled out the hardcover volume and opened it up. As the girls peered over his shoulder, Ned flipped through the pages to find a bookmark. Holding it up to the light, they gazed at what appeared to be a newspaper clipping of a restaurant advertisement.

Written over it with green ink was a series of numbers:
A picture of an analogue clock with one hand pointing to the 12 was in the upper left corner.

“Do we need to figure out what time it’s pointing at, Nancy?” asked Bess. “Not quite,” the detective replied. Nancy pulled out her notebook and studied her watch.

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6 responses to “Weekend Mystery Part 4 = “Library Search””

  1. Katrina Q says:

    Hello, Jackalope! Katrina Q here! I still can not believe that I am getting a Koko Kringle bar! Wow! I love you, Her Interactive! 😀

  2. Rachel says:

    So excited about these Koko Kringle bars!!!

  3. Jenny says:

    Could you give us some hint?

  4. Sophie says:

    I want a Koko Kringle bar, but Her Interactive doesn’t ship orders to Canada, right? 🙁

  5. ruth_sleuth says:

    Hi. I can’t solve the puzzle. lol but can we ask for the Hardy Boys participation in the next series. I feel for Ned who have to be the only boy in a group of girls. 😀

  6. Yay Katrina! Thanks for sending in your testimonial!

    Rachel: I’m super excited too!! ^.^ (insert scream here).

    Jenny: A hint? Hm, stare at a clock, then think of the alphabet.

    Sophie: Sorry Sohpie, we currently do not ship to Canada, but we are working on that. Perhaps sometime in the future we will.

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