Christmas Party!

So…much…food! Today we had a Christmas potluck and white elephant gift exchange in the office. It was a real feast, and I’m sure there will be leftovers for the next few days (and chocolate, LOTS of chocolate)!There were some pretty zanny gifts going around, including a toy bow and arrow, a stuffed toy shark, a moose in a coffee cup, and other cool gifts. One gift in particular included a scary note which said “…the person who reads this gets Creepy Santa on their desk for one month,” which refers to last year’s gift seen here:
This Santa’s belly bounces as he laughs. It’s really funny, but can be a bit annoying when played too many times. >.<

Today’s News:
1) Have you tried playing the Nancy Drew TXT Challenge? I got a score of 80 when I first tried it. You could be entered into the grand prize if you participate, so what are you waiting for? ^.^
2) The December Sale is still on! There aren’t many days left before Christmas to order a physical game for 50% off and still receive it on time, so hurry and get the game that you are missing!
3) We interviewed one of our 3D artists, John on the Dare to Play Blog today! John has been with us for many years and has greatly contributing to the game environments. Read his interview to learn more about him and a fun fact about what he created for Message in a Haunted Mansion!

~Little Jackalope~

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5 responses to “Christmas Party!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Those chocolates look like the ones in VEN 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear Little Jackalope,
    My family and I have started with our long line of Christmas sweets.We’ve made truffles,dream cookies,and brensel.Your chocolates look delicious.I wish I were there!What kind of gift did you get?Who got the creepy Santa??
    Merry Christmas to all those at the office!

    From me,

  3. Mmm, they do look like VEN’s box of chocolates!

    Sounds like your house has all the goodies! Yum!
    I got the toy bow and arrow, and the team and I take turns playing with it in the kitchen. Santa, on the other hand, evaded ownership. In the end no one got him, so he currently resides on a random file cabinet, waiting for a passer-by to press the red button and make him laugh.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like fun.I would definatly push the button for Santa.Especially if i knew it annoyed the others at the office. 🙂

    From me,

  5. Kira says:

    I recently went to what is probably known as the classiest white elephant gift exchange ever. Instead of joke and gag items, there were fancy chocolate sets, books, and IQ testers. I myself walked out with a mini Pillow Pet. ^_^ But then, myself and all of the exchangers WERE part of a high school FBLA club.

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