Interview with Sales Operations Manager Maureen

We interviewed our Sales Operations Manager, Maureen!


Her Interactive: How long have you worked at Her Interactive? 

Maureen: I've been with the company since Sept. 2002

Her Interactive: What do you do as Sales Operations Manager?  

The short answer is – I work with our distribution center, as well as other companies like Amazon and Interact!, to make sure the consumers who order our games receive their orders in the best manner possible. This year we also took a more active role in manufacturing and managing all the games you see in your local stores so I manage a lot of inventory. I also spend a lot of time gathering information and putting reports together.

Her Interactive: What do you like about working at Her Interactive?  

My favorite part is the amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing over the last nine years, which includes the incredibly smart and creative people I’ve gotten to work beside and the Nancy Drew fans.

Her Interactive: What is your favorite Nancy Drew game? 

Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, even though I got lost in the forest before the graveyard about a dozen times.  = ^ )

Her Interactive: Could you describe one fun or interesting experience you have had since you’ve been here?  

Our office is situated in a park-like setting surrounded by nature so we get to see a lot of animals. Several years ago, some of us were outside and we heard something coming through the vegetation near the slough, next thing we know… here comes an otter dashing across the grass.  He crossed over the parking lot and headed for the water on the other side of the park… That was pretty interesting!

Her Interactive: What is your favorite movie? 

At this time of year that's easy, It's a Wonderful Life.

Her Interactive: If you could travel anywhere and do anything, where would you go and what would you do?  

There is no one place I would like to visit. If I could do anything, it would be to travel around the world and learn about other cultures and try to capture them with my camera.

Her Interactive: If confronted with one of the following options, which we you choose?

A) Expose and catch a criminal

B) Sleep in a haunted place

C) Hunt for treasure in a dangerous location

A.   I like to figure out the what and the why…


Thank you Mo for taking the time to share with us a little about yourself, and thank you for all of your years of hard work at Her Interactive!

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