GirlFest! 2011

On Saturday many of us went to GirlFest! 2011 over in Seattle where we had a booth showcasing our games. We had six laptops with minigame demos for them to play, our big TV playing trailers from our last 5 games, buttons and magnifying glasses to give away, games for sale, and hourly raffles giving away our collector’s tin. We had a lot of fun, and a lot of girls (plus a few guys) learned about Nancy Drew! Here are some pictures (for the complete set of pictures, visit our Facebook page, we will have those up sometime soon).

~Our booth, all set-up before the crowds come in.~

~Girls playing Nancy Drew for the first time. The dress-up avatars from SAW were most popular~
~A few fellow Her workers giving out raffles and showing the Shadow Ranch app~

Looks like the weekend puzzle was solved successfully! Here’s what you do: [Play the Alibi in Ashes official trailer. “Scrub” over to the times listed. Pause the video. Count the letters you see on that screen from top to bottom, left to right.] The answer you get is [Pre-orders begin Monday]. But sadly the date was pushed back, so the puzzle answer is now incorrect >.<

Until tomorrow!
~Little Jackalope~

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3 responses to “GirlFest! 2011”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Booth Looks awsome.Wish I could have been there to play alittle and pick up some cool pins.I’d pin it to my purse and spread the word!Little Jackalope,you’re not in any of the pics are you?Will we ever see you??

    From me,

  2. Hannah says:

    You were giving away magnifying glasses and buttons to girls who didn’t even know who Nancy was? I think some of us old time fans would have appreciated those more. I’d be willing to buy one of them from you, and you were giving them away for free! Amazing. I wish you could post pictures of them… I’m sure they were nothing too special but I’m still wondering what they looked like. Have you done this kind of thing before? Is it always in the same place? Because I’m only just now finding out about it! That’s so neat that you set up that many laptops for people to try the mini games! Probably makes you wish you had made one for your most recent games ASH and CAP… well as always I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for the update! Keep up the good work Her Interactive!

  3. Maybe there will be another contest again in the future where I throw in an extra keychain or magnifying glass…we’ll see 😉

    (And I’m sure you’ve probably seen me around.)

    We’ve only done GirlFest twice, this year was our second. (There are more pictures on our Facebook page from last year).

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