Out-of-Office Snooping

Sounds a little dangerous and sneaky, right? A fellow worker and I went on a little field trip to our storage space off-site. After driving through a small maze of storage buildings, we parked in front of a door identical to several others, save for the numbers printed on the wall. When we opened it we stepped into a dark hallway with several locked doors lining either side:

It looked a little ominous. I took a picture of us trying to unlock the tricky padlock, which needed a little coaxing to open. (“It’s locked!”)

Once inside, we rummaged through a few boxes of stuff. There were file cabinets, boxes with empty cases, boxes of information discs, and lots of paper documents. Seen below are some back-up copies of a few of the games:

After we were done snooping, I took a box of junk with me for further inspection. Before leaving, a few additional boxes were added to the collection. All in the cleaning cycle: take boxes to storage, bring another back to sift through and toss out.

Looks like the weekend puzzle has yet to be solved. Hmm, hint moment, anyone? Make tracks before trying to decode.

Good luck!

~Little Jackalope~

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4 responses to “Out-of-Office Snooping”

  1. Anonymous says:

    ok, I think it is railroad code, but is the second part unscrambling?????


  2. Alie-oop says:

    Yes. A hint would be nice. I tried the trivet decoder; that didn’t work. I’ve tried that train thing from White Wolf. I thought I got something, but it just looks like alphabet soup to me.

  3. mystery77:
    You are on the right track. Change puzzles when the path is single.


  4. Anonymous says:

    @Little Jackalope:

    Change puzzles?? I’ve been thinking about it, and how can you have a cipher without a keyword??? I’m anxious for the next hint!


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