Three Meetings and a Sleepy Storyteller

I had three back-to-back meetings this morning. That usually means there is a lot to do, a lot to plan for, and a lot coming our way!

One meeting was about our game’s testing results. This is where we learn what is good, great, and what needs fixing in the current adventure we are sending Nancy on.

Another meeting was to plan for an event we are attending, and the third was a meeting about some video work.

Speaking of video work, I’ve been looking through some footage I had stored of Renate. Here’s an image of one where she is sleeping:I love the opportunity to snoop while characters are sleeping. Malachi Craven of Creature of Kapu Cave is another example. It’s really exciting to snoop where getting caught is a high risk.

Extended puzzle hint: Pairs make things easier, try it with a regular alphabet…no keywords. 😉

Good luck!

~Little Jackalope~

2 responses to “Three Meetings and a Sleepy Storyteller”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ahhhhhh!!! this weekend puzzle is driving me crazy!!! ok, I paired the letters, and then I changed them into number, added the numbers in each pair together, and switched those numbers back to letters and here’s what I got:

    H O Q P Y Y A F

    I doubt i did it right, is anyone closer to solving this than I am???


  2. Start with the railroad cipher, then try another cipher. 😉

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