Nancy’s Cell Phones

If you have played multiple Nancy Drew games, you might have noticed that there are different cell phones you get to use. I believe it was in The Haunted Carousel that Nancy gets to carry her first cell phone (I was thrilled over this when the game came out). Over the years, in order to keep Nancy up to date with technology, we have given her her share of upgrades. Take a look at a few of the phones she has used in the past. Can you identify which games these were in?One of my favorite things about the updated phones is the number memory. We no longer have to punch in every single digit, instead, we can click on a contact and it begins to dial instantly. In the newer games, other fun tid-bits were added, like cell phone games and the camera. Do you have a favorite cell phone Nancy has used?

~Little Jackalope~

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The first one is from danger on deception island. The second one is from secret of shadow ranch. The last phone is I think from the newest game the captive curse. Go Nancy Drew!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I like the cell phone from Secret of shadow ranch with the internet! I also Like the one from Trail of a Twister:)

  3. Anonymous says:

    супер. последний телефон на iFon похож

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love using different cell-phones.the camera is fun to use and the phone in Captive Curse has games on it.The one in Secrets Can Kill has differnet wall my opinion,alot more fun than a real one!

    From me,

  5. Firewing3333 says:

    Even though it’s a lot easier to call Ned and Bess/George, I loved dialing their phone numbers in The Final Scene. 🙂 I ended up memorizing Ned’s phone number halfway through the game!

  6. arshad says:

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  7. Anonymous says:

    I Like Nancy’s PDA in ghost Dogs. I also like the phone is Bluemoon Canyon. When I switch back back to the older games, I cannot find the phone!!! I haven’t played all the games, but I think my favorite phone is in Waverly. I LOVE changing the backgrounds!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Firewing 3333,

    I haven’t played that game in a while, but I still remember Bess/George and Ned’s numbers!!!

    Nancy Drew

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