There is a bag of chocolate cookies hiding in my drawer. Yesterday there were chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen… Today I have cookies on my mind.
There have been a few cookies in the games, starting with Secret of the Scarlet Hand. Taylor Sinclair has a cookie jar sitting on his desk and he proudly offers his Oaxacan cookies to you. While they look tempting, it’s best if you avoid these nasty “treats”.
While playing Danger By Design, Nancy gets to make mint chocolate chip cookies! Acquiring mint to add to the ingredients is a little hard, but it is totally worth it to imagine the sweet smell of hot cookies coming out of the oven. (These were baked incorrectly. To see what they look like correctly baked, check out the game.)Of course, we can’t forget when Nancy ran the snack shack in Warnings at Waverly Academy! Making individual chocolate chip cookies in that little oven made me want to reach through the screen and take the tiny cookie from it’s place on the foil. But alas, only my white-glove hand courser had the pleasure of wrapping its fingers over the freshly-baked dessert.I should probably stop daydreaming about cookies…and make it a reality. Look out desk drawer! Your cookie captives are going to be set free!
~Little Jackalope~

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7 responses to “Cookies”

  1. Kaitlyn says:

    Now I need to make cookies, we have Peanut-butter & Chocolate Chip in the pantry 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    mmmmm..Cookies! I love chocolate.Lucky me,there’s some in the fridge.gonna go get some.

    From me,

  3. Random Nancy Drew Fan says:

    Mmmmm… cookies! In Danger by Design, I deliberately made bad cookies the first couple of times just so I would have to bake them over again!

    I read the last three posts today so here’s what I have to say about them (its easier writing one comment than three):
    It’s so cool that the Nancy Drew games are in multiple languages! I haven’t taken a good look at Warnings at Waverly Academy yet so I took a peek at it’s page on your website. Ve~ry interesting!
    Good job Karson P. for winning the contest!

    Also, I’m a little curious about some things: Which game has the most suspects? Which game has the least suspects? In how many games can play as multiple people? I played Kapu Cave and really enjoyed being both the Hardy Boys and Nancy. If Kapu Cave is the only one, perhaps you guys will consider making another mystery like that in the future.

    Yours Truly,
    Ms. Random Nancy Drew Fan

  4. Ms. Random Nancy Drew Fan:
    Hmm, most suspects…do you mean viewable suspects and phone suspects, or just viewable?

    The least suspects game is Ransom of the Seven Ships.

    In Legend of The Crystal Skull you can play as Bess, and in Ransom of the Seven Ships you can play as George. 🙂

  5. Random Nancy Drew Fan says:

    Thanks for answering my questions, Little Jackalope!

    Hmm… I guess I mean viewable. I don’t think there’s ever been a game where a person Nancy can only phone has done it, is there? (if there is one, don’t tell me which game!)

    Thanks again for answering all my questions!

    Yours Truly,
    Ms. Random Nancy Drew Fan

  6. Karen says:

    I liked having the mini games aftewards(i.e. the arcade section) in a regular game. can’t wait to see river heights and maybe’s neds smiling face? 🙂

    gave me heart attack(nearly) N&n got into a fight!

  7. anonymous ND fan says:

    I’m really excited about alibi in ashes! the trailer didn’t say much, but i can’t believe any one would suspect nancy! i wonder if u get 2 c her friends in it!!!! soo excited! 😀

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