Happy Father’s Day!

This last Sunday was Father’s day, and many families celebrated together. Whether it was through greeting cards, dinner feasts, playing catch outside, or simply keeping quiet so he could take a good nap, the day was spent honoring our dads. Dads are an important part of families; they teach, encourage, strengthen, protect, and love in a way no other person can.

Many people do not have a father, but perhaps there is that one person that acts as or has characteristics of a father that are equally appreciated. Those men deserve a standing ovation as well!  

Nancy is very close to her dad, Carson Drew. Being the only parent to the detective (besides the motherly housekeeper, Hannah Gruen) Carson highly values and loves his daughter. They often team up, helping each other with a case or two. Nancy has after all inherited her curious mind, sharp thinking, and passion for justice from her lawyer father.

There is always time to show that great man in your life how much you love and appreciate him and all that he does, so go out and treat him, let him have a peaceful nap, or simply enjoy some good times together.  Dads are great! Let them know that.

Check out this greeting card Nancy gave to her father!

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