Art Styles and Box Designs

Want to hear a little bit of the behind-the-scenes action concerning The Captive Curse art and other box designs? Head over to the Dare to Play Blog to read an interview we had with Mark Tolleshaug, the designer of the Nancy Drew games’ box art!
Over the weekend I watched an animated movie of which artwork really inspired me. I then got to thinking about the different art styles that are in the Nancy Drew games. There are many fun different artists in-game and also the artists in the office who brought those characters’ work to screen. Some artists in-game you’d recognize would be Sonny Joon, Poppy Dada, Heather McKay, Minette, Brady Armstrong, and Jane Penvellyn to name a few.

Take a look here! I found this sketch from Danger by Design:

~Haute couture!~

Did you know that there have been a few different artists who created Sonny Joon’s comical doodles? Sonny rocks, thanks to those talented artists behind the scenes!

I recommend taking a look at one of your favorite scenes, books, doodles, or any picture from inside a game that you enjoy looking at, and give it try! Try copying the style, the same way the colors flow and lines connect, add crazy captions like Sonny does, or design something like Minette or Heather McKay.

I feel like sketching now…
~Little Jackalope~

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  1. Random Nancy Drew Fan =D says:

    I did Danger by Design, but I don’t remember that sketch… I wish I could draw that good! I’m inspired to sketch all the time, but my sketches never turn out to be any good. *sigh*

    Yours Truly,
    Ms. Random Nancy Drew Fan =D

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