Weekend Puzzle #103

Yesterday, Blogger was down for maintenance which explains why I didn’t post. 🙁 I apologize for this inconsistency for those loyal followers who hang on these daily updates and oh so exciting adventures heard only from here. 🙂

There has been a change to the system requirements for playing the next Nancy Drew game. If you haven’t seen the announcement, check out the Dare to Play blog for a further read. If you have questions, see this Message Board post. This means no more disc changing during installation, plus added and enhanced graphics and game play! I’m excited for the future release of The Captive Curse! If you don’t have a DVD drive, there is still time to upgrade your computer, or you can simply purchase the digital download.

On to the weekend puzzle (which is CAP related!):
“19 is 23
45 over to 9th
27 is 8th
37 shall be 13
3 counts the 17th
34 is 13
56 will be 9
40 should be 24
25 is only number 7
8 is 6
35 just over 8
4 moves to the 16th
43’s number is 9
23 the 13th
At 50, choose 10
From 16 choose 6
31 is number 6
47 is 8
6 should be 19th
20 points to number 8
48 is 5
17 is 20th
30 is lastly 18″

Good luck super sleuths!
~Little Jackalope~

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2 responses to “Weekend Puzzle #103”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Either I’m dumb, or that puzzle’s hard!

  2. Abigail says:

    Hi, Wikipedia says that the release date for CAP is June 28, 2011, and that the rating is E-10+. Is this correct? Thanks!

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