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When trying to do multiple things at once on a computer, be careful. Mine got tired from running so many programs at once, it almost decided to quit on me. Hang in there computer! You can do it! I now understand P.G. Krolmeister’s worry about his awesome technology and tools wearing out or breaking. How awful it must be for Nancy trying to escape the villain’s traps or trying to discover a secret room and the tool she uses decides to malfunction at just the wrong time! In the books her flashlight always tends to go out at just the wrong moment, and she has to either halt an investigation or fumble around in the dark. (At least she is prepared with spare batteries in her car.) One thing I love about Nancy is that she is often prepared for such moments, and when she isn’t prepared, she makes do with what she has at hand to make the most of the situation.

If there is something you like about Nancy share it! Check out Geek Girl Con for further sharing.

Here’s some more amazing cakes:

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