Weekend Puzzle #101

Happy Friday everyone! There has been a lot of excitement surrounding the cake contest here, I’m sure many of you are anxious to here the results. Keep an eye out tonight (by 5pm PST or earlier) as the top few will be posted to our Facebook page for the fans to vote! If you haven’t “liked” us there, be sure to do so in order to cast your ballots. Voting will start tonight and last until 10am PST Monday, May 2nd. To vote, simply “like” the cake you most like.

On to the weekend puzzle! This one is a fun little piece of art dug up from the archives, you would normally not get to see such detail from a distance in the game this was from, and I thought we could try a different, simpler kind of puzzle for fun. When completed, try to find which game it was in and where it would be located.

Good luck contestants, and stay sharp savvy detectives!

~Little Jackalope~
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3 responses to “Weekend Puzzle #101”

  1. Lulah says:

    Is it vanilla from Shorty’s kitchen at Shadow ranch?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Italian Vanilla Ice Cream – Phantom of Venice

  3. Anonymous says:

    it is from the final scene!

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