Weekend Puzzle #96

I came in to a dark, quiet office. It must be Friday, or vacation time. There is a little excitement, though. The March newsletter is here!! Check it out on our web site if you haven’t susbscribed to it, yet.

Wow, only a few more weeks until we have had our 100th weekend puzzle! I’ll be the one handing you over these puzzles, and I only hope to do as well as Novel has on updating you these past Fridays.

Here you go, click here for an enlarged version:


~Little Jackalope~

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2 responses to “Weekend Puzzle #96”

  1. emmagroves2 says:

    Danger on Deception Island 🙂

  2. Tom Thatcher (HIMB) says:

    Danger On Deception Island

    (Put the answers in numerical order from 1 to 23, then read the first letter of each.)

    Side note: You’ll get even more feathers ruffled about the whole “we might mess with Nancy’s relationship with Ned” issue by having thrown in Dave at the end! (Of course, you and Novel probably are counting on it!) 😀

    – Tom Thatcher

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