Tasklist in a hurry for April

With the end of March comes the rush of hurrying and scurrying to prepare for April. Images are being edited and critiqued, printed art is being proofed, sound files have been edited, and words are getting typed up. I have a rather huge task list today. It includes:
1. Check to see if certain game quotes are accurate
2. Make professional friends online
3. Post something interesting
4. Update the monthly special image
5. Eat a cookie
6. Keep Sonny Joon from distracting me
7. Burn a CD

There’s a lot more than that. It’s sure exciting though, keeping on my toes, multi-tasking etc!
Oh, by the way, we’re a little excited about making the New York Times list of best books on an iPad. Check it out!
Tomorrow’s April Fool’s day! I’ll be sure to have a treat for you then. I hope you are a fan of doodling…

~Little Jackalope~

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