Secrets and Meetings

Hey all! It’s Wednesday and that means Twitter Quote contest! Whoo-hoo! By the way, I’ll mention this: if you are a winner, check your Twitter message box, because that’s how we will communicate with you concerning your prize. Message us back the same way.

There have been several people coming in to the office today for really important meetings. See here:

Friday is coming, do you know what that means? April Fools! I may have something special for you then…but you’ll just have to wait and see. It involves some sound effects (which I have been listening to lately). Just a note: there is some fun music in our games!

I’ve got to sneak into a very top-secret meeting, gotta go!

~Little Jackalope~
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I remember Novel’s April Fools day trick from last year. I really thought that when he said that there was going to be a Sonny Joon game that he meant it! SONNY JOON RULES!

    Happy April Fools!

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