More on beautiful environments.

It is an absolutely gorgeous day today at the office! Spring is good here; the rain does quite a good job at keeping everything green and colorful, fresh and new, so when the sun comes out, everything shines gloriously! I made a comment to a fellow worker about how the sun coming up behind the mountain and illuminating the vast green grass and tall pine trees made me think of Ireland. Not sure why, because I’ve never been to Ireland, and I’m also not sure what kind of trees they have over there. Note to self, ask somebody who has been!

Oh, wait. Does The Haunting of Castle Malloy count as ‘been to Ireland’? Although it was dark, there were still plenty of foliage around the castle. The garden had plenty of beautiful flowers, along with the front arching entrance to the grounds. At least in-game we don’t have to smell the nasty bog, or really get wet walking through it. By the way, this game is still on sale for 25% off through this March, so if you don’t have it, check it out!
Random picture for the day: a miniature glitter globe on my desk. I love this thing! It’s creates a party-like atmosphere for my cubicle.
Weekend puzzle still at bay? Yesterday’s hint refers to an old code used by a secret group of knights, so to speak. Let’s get code cracking! 🙂

~Little Jackalope~

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