Green in March

I’ve got a few things March related to share with you today. With this being the last week to purchase The Haunting of Castle Malloy for 25% off, we created a screen saver for it. (This is today’s free download.) Download it here.

It’s Irish month, and Sonny Joon thought it would be nice to balance out these characters’ outfits, unfortunately the leprechaun gnome doesn’t like his new look. (The coatimundi will always look evil. They are after all, very fearsome creatures.)

The weekend puzzle was solved rather quickly! Here’s how it was done: [Find the answer to every line and then re-arrange the answers in numerical order.] The answers are: [1. Dread Isle 2. Applegate (MHM) 3. Necklaces (CRE) 4. GPS (TOT) 5. Easter eggs 6. Rentaro (SAW) 7. Owen Spayder (STFD) 8. Nick Falcone (FIN) 9. Dungeness crabs (DDI) 10 Enrico Tazza (VEN) 11. Carousel (CAR) 12. Edgar Allan Poe (WAC) 13. Pawprints (DOG) 14. Teeth (CRY) 15. Ingrid Corey (CAR) 16. Ohm (CAR) 17. Ned Nickerson 18. Isis (ICE) 19. Six (SSH) 20. Loquat (CRY) 21. Antoinette (TRT) 22. Noisette (DAN) 23. Dave Gregory (SHA)] Read the first letter of every answer to get the following: [Danger on Deception Island].

Nice job, detectives!
~Little Jackalope~

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