Fidget here, fidget there.

One of the 3D artists gave me a quick peak at what he was working on for an upcoming game! It was so awesome and I’m super excited about it! The little sneak I got was of a female character in a sitting position, and he showed me her animated fidgets. A fidget is a small movement a character makes, usually while in one position. When you watch a character from a distance, they are moving in some small way, so they appear more life-like. For example: Detective Beech moves his arm as he brings his drink to his mouth. Don’t forget the tilt of his head and the occasional blinking of the eyes! Or there’s Donal in The Haunting of Castle Malloy as he nods his head, trying to stay awake, or when he moves his hand to make a point.

~Donal making his point~

It’s those little things that we sometimes take for granted that make up the intricate qualities of animated characters and makes them all the more realistic. Do you have a favorite animation sequence or fidget? I can’t wait for you to see the new characters in the next games, the wait will be worth seeing these animations, I think!

Ta-ta for now!

~Little Jackalope~
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2 responses to “Fidget here, fidget there.”

  1. That’s really neat! I love the ND games…they’re my favorite computer games..I’ve recently been wondering what kind of experience you must have to work for Herinteractive…like, do you need to have been in game design for insert amount of years here?

    I’ve even wondered if there is some sort of intership program people can partake in at HI.

    Any advice on the subject?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Donal is so Funny!

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