A trip over to production.

I’d thought to step out of my little cubicle and venture over to my favorite production department to see how the guys are faring.

Upon my arrival I heard the tail-end of an interesting conversation about ESRB ratings on older games, and something about comic books. Yeah, conversations in that corner are rather educational, so to speak.

One feature of the production department I noticed right away are the decorations. There’s a lot of notes tacked up on their walls, here’s an image; This one’s from the Hardy Boys’ Treasure on the Tracks DS game from a couple of years ago:
They also have pictures of one of their scripters posted everywhere. And I mean everywhere! There’s a production department joke about it, too. His face is posted on the walls, a calendar, a life-sized poster called Jameolas (spelling debatable), is featured on mouse pads and even miniature-sized images on every key on the computer keyboard. It’s awesome.

I’ll have to drop by again because there’s too much awesomeness to take in on one trip to Production. It could be overwhelming for some visitors. 😉

Hopping back to work,
~Little Jackalope~

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