Yesterday was Valentine’s Day!  It’s the perfect day to tell that special someone just how you feel.  Plus it is great time to send a few Valentine’s messages to friends and family.  Of course sometimes there’s a secret admirer sending you love notes, and nothing creates a better mystery than romance!  All along her adventures, Nancy has dealt with scary villains, creepy monsters, and spooky ghosts, but what about love?

Of course!  Nancy has seen her fair share of romance and adventure during cases.  The Phantom of Venice takes place in one of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice, and Nancy encounters an admirer bent on winning her affections.  Love-struck Colin Baxter offers up gifts and awkward compliments while Nancy attempts to uncover a ring of daring heists.  But romance doesn’t always require exotic cities and dashing English accents, in fact, a stay on a haunted ranch in Arizona can set the right mood.  In The Secret of Shadow Ranch, a starlit sky was the perfect place to find a chance for love, and Dave Gregory was certainly charming enough to try.  But Nancy’s heart has already been set, and her sights were on solving the mystery behind a ghostly horse.

Nancy has the undying adoration of Ned Nickerson.  And while Ned may never take the forefront in any PC adventure, he’s always been there to provide just the right support for a clue-less detective.  And through it all, Nancy remains steadfast and true to her hometown sweetheart even after the flirtations of a few not-so-secret admirers.  Ned was even sweet enough to make her a special Valentine’s Day card for yesterday.

Valentine's Day

Love is all around, especially for super-sleuths!  If you missed your chance to send Valentine’s wishes yesterday, don’t forget that you can always tell someone that you care, any day of the year.  I guarantee they’ll love you for it.  <3

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