Smelly fridges and clues under our noses. *Sniff*

I’m having quite a different day today. Office updates include the following: There’s a new office puzzle we are working on during our lunch breaks in the kitchen, (maybe I’ll post a picture when it starts to take formation), something smells in one of our refrigerators and we have yet to find the cause, testing on a few major in-game puzzles have begun, and I get to do some extensive snooping for images of our newest working-in-progress game. Any excuse to peek at the latest work is fun, I can tell you this (and I may have said this before); there are some beautiful environments and puzzles in this game! I’m super excited for the overall look!

By the way, the winners for the “Partner” contest will be posted soon, the judge(s) are spending a lot of time reading the entries. Keep a weather eye out!
Twitter quote contest is up today! Check it out!

New hint for last week’s puzzle: “Keys under your nose”. (No grammatical error here.) Have at it!
~Little Jackalope~

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