Packages and Scares

Monday, Monday, Monday! I’m glad to come to HI on Mondays. It means a new adventurous week in the office (well, as adventurous as an office could be). Today I mailed out some games to anxious fans. See the tower of fun the mailman gets to take with him? It’s practically toppled over. What should I call it? The leaning tower of mystery? Santa’s bundle? Suspicious packages? Nah, nix that last one, we wouldn’t want to send the wrong message. I’ve been testing the latest game build (still, it’s taking me a while and I have distractions), but for the first time ever I came to a part where I really did fly back in my chair and yell out loud. Kind of an embarrassing thing to do in a quiet office. I am proud of this team for successfully scarring me. Three cheers for them, they got me!

Playing games kind take up a lot of time, note to self: sometime this week I should work on some missing wallpapers and bookmarks. Speaking of which, there is a new bookmark up from The Phantom of Venice! Check it out!

Congrats to the super sleuth who cracked the weekend puzzle in less than two hours! Here’s the solution:
[Draw up an analogue clock. Beginning with 1 o’clock, label each number with letters. Continue lettering the numbers around the clock, stacking up doubles and some triples. Place the lined circle over this clock and connect the dots to the accompanying letter. The numbers from the puzzle reference which stacked letter to include. The starting point is at 8 o’clock and the clue refers to the second letter (T) and then the 1st (H). It then goes to 5 o’clock referring to the first letter (E) and so on. The “1st and 1st” means to double that same letter (LL).]

Spoiler Answer: [The Haunting of Castle Malloy]

Take care!
~Little Jackalope~
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