Nancy Goes Mobile

Nancy Drew is about to step out of your PC and onto your mobile device.  The launch of our newest series, Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries: Shadow Ranch is happening tomorrow, and you can be the first of your friends to take a classic mystery adventure anywhere!

We’ve already seen trailers, contests, and old radio shows in preparation for this launch, but what do we really know about Shadow Ranch? The story is loosely based off of the best-selling book, and fan-favorite PC game, Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch.  The adventure takes place at the legendary ranch, but the mystery is a new experience, unlike any you’ve played before.  We’ve added familiar characters and events, but you’ll be tackling brand new cases and solving a bigger mystery than you can possibly imagine. 

If you’ve been following along on Twitter, you’ll have heard more than a fair-share of features about the game, but what does “story-based game-book” really mean…  Well, you’ll get to be an active participant in a Nancy Drew novel.  You read the story and play fun mini-games and make important choices for Nancy along the way.  But if you’re afraid that this game is too much “book” for you, rest assured that we’ve added plenty of fantastic features for you to enjoy.  Check out just a few below:

·         With a full musical score you’ll be in the perfect mood for mystery.

·         Classic Nancy Drew images are scattered throughout the game.

·         Discover and earn unlock-able content.

·         Make your way through twisting mazes.

·         Find all the missing pieces in the hidden-object puzzles.

·         Race horses in a fast-paced mini-game.

·         Multiple profiles for multiple readers, allowing everyone to bookmark their spot.

·         Images play music and sounds when tapped.

·         Solve the mysteries with Nancy’s besties: Bess and George.

That’s a ton of features!  …And that’s not all, you’ll have to ‘Play the Story’ if you want to discover all that’s in store.  Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries: Shadow Ranch is available for the iPad™, iPhone®, and iPod Touch® tomorrow, only at the iTunes App Store.  Be the first to download Nancy’s newest case!

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