Slow but Interesting…

It’s a little quiet in the office today, probably because of the slush and snow scared people from coming in, or perhaps they are all here just being super quiet. I decided to walk around to see if they had anything interesting going on. Those artists are sure crunching through a lot of art! I walked by and saw an awesome project someone was working on…I couldn’t figure out what it was for…or even what it was, but it was awesome! The process is interesting here, when one department is slow and easy-going, another is rushing to get their projects done, but later they switch. As for me, I’ve got some tedious work right now, but that’s okay because the slow work makes the fun stuff all the more fun!

Here’s something fun: there’s a new contest that started yesterday! Check it out on the Dare to Play blog and tell us who Nancy’s best detective partner would be!

You sleuths are thinking hard on puzzle #83, I’ve noticed. How about another hint to speed things up? You’re looking for three different ciphers to solve this one.

Hop to it!
~Little Jackalope~

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