Creative thinking and its creations.

Oh how I love meetings! We just finished brainstorming some nouns, adjectives and verbs in Nancy Drew language. We absolutely love being creative, and coming up with new thoughts and ideas. Creative thinking first takes a little research to figure out what is needed, then brainstorming ideas, and finally it’s about putting it all together. I am excited for this process in creating new things for this year.

This is me trying to be creative on the computer (or trying to steal some of Sonny Joon’s work…)

By the way, you guys solved last week’s puzzle super fast! Guess we’ll have to trip you up a bit next time *schemes*.

Here’s a big hint for puzzle #83 from weeks past:
The numbers are three different references and the “Hut” and “Hike” are clues for those.

Ta-ta for now!
~Little Jackalope~
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