Attractive images and half-solved puzzles.

It is a beautiful, mellow day today where we can sit back in our chairs and quietly work on…whatever it is we do. (Magic, some might say). I myself am working on a new design that will be for drawing people’s attention to older and current games. I hope it will be clean and catchy enough. What images interest you in a new game? Big, small, detailed, scarry, pretty, a cute cowboy…? For me, it’s a perfect balance of one large image, surrounded by smaller images with detail, all in color sync. Yep, I think that’s attractive.

I’ve decided to give you a half-solution to the mysterious puzzle #83.
The puzzle part is this: Dpd cm kp sfrasqcgovo
The numbers refer to the three different ciphers used in previous puzzles. Puzzle number 56 was a Playfair cipher, puzzle number 61 is a Vigenere cipher, and puzzle number 43 is a Railfence cipher. “Hut” is the keyword needed for the Playfair cipher, and “Hike” is the keyword needed for the Railfence. Let’s see what you can do with this, savvy detectives!

Don’t spoil a beautiful, opportune day! Carpe diem!
~Little Jackalope~

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